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Blendtec vs Vitamix Buying Guide

Blendtec and Vitamix have established themselves as two of the best companies that make blenders for residential kitchens. Realistically, any model from these companies will meet the average person’s needs. These blenders, however, can cost several hundred dollars. At that price, it makes sense to compare them carefully before you make a purchase.

​This review compares some of the best and worst features of blenders made by Blendtec and Vitamix. After reading it, you should have a better idea of which company has a model that suits your needs best.

Which Blender Is Better?

The Height of Blendtec and Vitamix Blenders

blendtec vs vitamix - which blender is the best?

If you have limited storage in your kitchen, then Blendtec probably looks like the better option for you. Blendtec makes excellent blenders that are only 15.5 inches tall. Vitamix blenders are five inches taller. That’s a concern for people who don’t have a lot of countertop or storage space. Keeping a Vitamix blender under your kitchen cabinets is often a challenge.

Vitamix recently introduced shorter pitchers that could solve this problem for you. Still, most models ship with the 20.5-inch pitcher. If that matters to you, double-check the pitcher height to make sure you’re buying a model that fits in your kitchen.

​People who aren’t concerned about space should focus on other features since the height has very little effect on a blender’s performance.

Size Advantage: Blendtec

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Blendtec and Vitamix Speed Controls

The viamix and blendtec blenders both have manual speed control

Manual speed control is an important feature for people who want to use blenders to make smoothies and soups. A lot of blenders offer limited control. Blendtec and Vitamix offer manual speed control that gives you more control over your recipes.

The companies take slightly different approaches to offering users manual control. Vitamix blenders have a variable speed dial that you can use to slowly increase the blender’s speed. Blendtec uses a touch control interface that lets users adjust speed by moving their fingers left or right along the buttons.

Both approaches work well. Some people feel like they have more control with the Vitamix dial, but that’s a personal opinion.

If you want to chop as well as blend ingredients, then the Vitamix dial will help. Neither blender is great at chopping vegetables. When forced to, though, Vitamix performs a little better than Blendtec. Shoppers who want more diversity from their blenders should consider whether the Vitamix offers the flexibility that they want in their kitchens.

Speed Control Advantage: Vitamix​

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Blendtec and Vitamix Blending Abilities

Blendtec uses a 1,580-watt motor in most of its blenders. Vitamix uses a 1,380-watt motor. The Blendtec obviously offers more power, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has better blending abilities than Vitamix. Vitamix stands out in other ways. For instance, it has a four-prong blade that crushes ice and frozen ingredients easily. Blendtec uses a two-prong blade.

blendtec motor size

When you balance the blending power of a better blade and a stronger motor, most people can’t tell a big difference between blenders made by the two companies. No matter which option you choose, the blender has enough power to make smoothies, grind coffee beans, or even grind your own meats.

If you’re impressed by the larger motor, then you will likely prefer the Blendtec blenders. If you’re more focused on results, you’ll likely find that both companies make blenders that meet your needs.​

Blending Ability Advantage: TIE

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Simplicity in the Kitchen

comparison of the speed options for the blendtec and vitamix blenders

Image: blendersmoothies.com

​Having a lot of features doesn’t mean a blender works better than a model with fewer features. A lot of people prefer Vitamix blenders because they are so simple. The controls couldn’t get more minimalistic: you have a variable speed dial and a two-speed switch. What more do you need?

​Blendtec thinks you need more. It has pre-programmed cycles created for specific types of recipes. The one-touch buttons also offer a more high-tech approach to controlling the blender. Some people love these features. Others find them unnecessary and impractical.

​Remember that the more features your blender has, the more opportunities it has to break. A lot of blender users choose the Vitamix specifically because it takes such a durable, minimalistic approach. When you only have a couple features, there isn’t much that can go wrong.

Simplicity Advantage: Vitamix

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Vitamix and Blendtec Blender Noise

If there’s a downside to owning a Vitamix or Blendtec blender, it’s the amount of noise that they make. Under most circumstances, this isn’t bothersome. People who want to make smoothies before heading out for early morning jogs, however, might worry about waking up other members of their households.

Unfortunately, the noise is something that you have to tolerate if you want a strong motor. Most people report that the Blendtec blenders are a little louder than Vitamix blenders. That’s probably because Blendtec uses a stronger motor and a ventilated base that lets air (and noise) pass through easily. Vitamix blenders aren’t much quieter, though.

When you use a powerful blender, you make some noise. So far, no one has found a reliable solution to this minor problem.

Noise Advantage: TIE

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Which Blender Blends The Best Smoothies?

is the vitamix or blendtec better at making smoothies?

A lot of people purchase Blendtec and Vitamix blenders so they can make smoothies at home. Both options work better than standard blenders. When comparing the two companies, though, Vitamix typically makes smoother drinks. Some people prefer chunkier smoothies. If you like a little heft to your drink, the Blendtec is the right option for you. If you want a creamy smoothie with little to no chunks, then Vitamix is probably your best bet.

The good news is that blenders made by Blendtec and Vitamix have enough power to break down plant cells. This means they offer more nutrition than smoothies made in regular blenders that don’t have manual speed controls or powerful motors.

Smoothie Advantage: Vitamix

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Blendtec and Vitamix are two of the best blender companies in the world. You can’t really go wrong with either option. Each brand does, however, include different features that may appeal to your preferences.

Once you’re ready to invest in a truly great blender for your kitchen, focus on the features that you want most. Chances are that you will find a Vitamix or Blendtec model that gives you the performance and features you need.

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